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Support documentation


Online for a while, but still (too) little known: the support documentation for installers and everyone who works with P44 DSB units.

Despite the variety of possible devices, the integration of DALI+EnOcean devices with P44-DSB/P44-LC is generally quite simple and works with little configuration.

Nevertheless, there is no such thing as technology without problems, and especially with DALI there are very different DALI drivers that require a little more care depending on the situation, to ensure that everything works properly.

To make sure that installations and support cases can be solved as quickly and well as possible, there has been a detailed section on installation and support in the Technical Documentation since the end of 2022.

You will find a lot of help and answers to questions that sometimes arise during installation, commissioning and maintenance, e.g.

  • Tips on selecting DALI devices (topic: unique identification)
  • Safe procedures for troubleshooting and for adding DALI to existing installations
  • Radio range and external antennas for EnOcean
  • Logs, loglevels, focusing on a problematic device
  • Remote maintenance from P44-DSB/P44-LC directly to the unit without going via dSS
  • Checklist for efficient support requests to plan44
  • etc.

I am also happy to receive tips from the field on what is perhaps still missing or should be described better. Otherwise, I hope this documentation helps you with new and existing projects with P44-DSB and P44-LC devices!

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