Tutorials - step-by-step application examples.

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This English version of the following text is currently 100% machine translated. In case of ambiguity, please refer to the German version (which in this case is the original written by hand).

Scene effects.

Self-build of a P44-LC-X or P44-DSB-X based on RaspberryPi

For self-build projects, there are free versions of the software for the RaspberryPi that also runs on plan44's commercial products: P44-DSB-X integration into a Digital Strom system, and P44-LC-X for stand-alone lighting and other control tasks.

Self-assembly LED "Torch

p44script in general

At many points in the configuration of P44-xx devices, the built-in scripting language p44script offers great flexibility to implement even special requirements.

  • To experiment with it and try out the possibilities, there is the REPL website. Here you can interactively enter and execute p44script commands, the result will be displayed immediately. The first steps with the p44script REPL (Read-Execute-Print-Loop) are described here.
  • In the tutorials, many p44script commands are used as examples - to see exactly how they work, to learn what's available, and to look up details that are quickly forgotten, the p44script Quick Reference is there. This is included (in English) in the devices themselves in an adapted form (see links at all script input fields) and thus also available without internet connection. Here in the Techdocs it can be found in English and German complete.

Integration of own hardware & services

  • With the built-in script language p44script you can define your own devices (lights, pushbuttons, signal inputs, sensors), which then behave for the application exactly like the standard supported devices, i.e. have the same functionality with zones, scene control, dimming, etc. Some ready-to-use examples are available here.
  • For very complex external devices, p44script may not be enough. Then there is the possibility to include own devices via the "external device API". How such "external devices" can be tried from the command line is described here.

Collection of sample scripts on github

In the daily work on projects at plan44, new p44scripts are constantly being created - but there is not enough time to write a tutorial page for each of them.

This is why there is now the p44script collection on github, which contains many examples of scene scripts with various LED effects that can be used on the LED torch, scripted devices, mainscript snippets and also complete mainscripts from automation projects such as the Herzchenmaschine.

Because it is a git repository, the history of the scripts' creation/improvement is also visible.

Further planned topics

The tutorials section is under construction - many ideas are available, but the realisation takes time. Here are a few topics on the wish list...

Suggestions for further topics I will gladly take note!

plan44 community forum

For questions and exchange about projects and ideas with P44-DSB and P44-LC just visit the plan44 community forum.