Tutorials - step-by-step application examples.

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Scene effects.

Self-build of a P44-LC-X or P44-DSB-X based on RaspberryPi

For self-build projects, there are free versions of the software for the RaspberryPi that also runs on plan44's commercial products: P44-DSB-X integration into a digitalSTROM system, and P44-LC-X for stand-alone lighting and other control tasks.

Self-assembly LED "Torch

p44script in general

At many points in the configuration of P44-xx devices, the built-in scripting language p44script offers great flexibility to implement even special requirements.

Integration of own hardware & services

Further planned topics

The tutorials section is under construction - many ideas are available, but implementation takes time. Here are a few topics on the wish list....

Suggestions for other topics I'll gladly take note!

plan44 community forum

For questions and exchange about projects and ideas with P44-DSB and P44-LC just visit the plan44 community forum.