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Opensource -

Opensource - OpenSource at github

Most plan44 projects can be found on github: Many different things ranging from OpenWrt feeds to LoRa to WS2812 color LEDs to KiCAD libraries and more

vdcd - virtual device connector daemon for Digital Strom

"vdcd" is a free (opensource, GPLv3) virtual device connector (vdc) implementation for Digital Strom systems. A vdc integrates third-party automation hardware as virtual devices into a Digital Strom system. "vdcd" is the base building block for the firmware of the plan44 Digital Strom bridge

libsynthesis multiplatform SyncML client and server library

libsynthesis is a open source (LGPL v2 + v3, EPL) library for developing custom SyncML-DS (SyncML Data Sync) client and server applications for Linux and iOS.