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Firmware info + supported devices list

Firmware information for P44-LC-DE

Current version Release Notes
released 2023-06-09

Firmware 1.6.8

Firmware 1.6.8 for P44-LC devices is a maintenance release for firmware release 1.6. It contains some general improvements and bug fixes.

General Recommendation for updates: before updating, please always use the "Download configuration backup" button to download a backup of your device's configuration.

Changes since production version 1.6.6


  • click handling: dimming no longer stops running scene actions (especially for scene scripts providing effects that should be ongoing but still be dimmable)
  • Animators: fixed bug that caused spurious glitches (animators seemingly not running or running too fast)


  • Enocean: add support for D2-07-00 door lock status profile.
  • Channel transitions: improved wraparound channels (such as "hue") to allow full circle transitions in one step.
  • Analogio: Added CWWW lights, add WebUI support for creating Linux-PWMChip-based lights.
  • p44lrgraphics: add support for multiple fonts, for now 7x5 and 8x5 but mechanism in place for bigger sizes, add support for french accent characters with basic mechanism in place for handling any UTF-8 codepoint in fonts.
  • p44script: added foreach statement
  • p44script: answer() functions for web requests and feature requests now also accept an error value as argument to send back to the API caller.
  • p44script: Added digitalbus() to combine multiple GPIOs to input or output a digital value
  • p44script: all time getter functions such as hour(), month(), sunrise() etc. now accept a epoch timestamp argument. Also epochtime() function allows constructing epoch timestamps from date components.
  • LED chains: more led layout (R,G,B,W ordering) options
  • LED chains: reworked update timing engine, is now more precise, issues log warnings when display is likely to be jumpy or flickering due to limits in max LED output frame rate.

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