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SyncML products for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

Updates for SyncML PRO 4, SyncML LITE 4 and Tasks+Cal+Sync 4 with improvements for iOS 13 are now available on App Store.

The apps below provide synchronisation based on the open vendor independent standard called SyncML (or OMA-DS). Please don't expect these apps to just sync with anything! That's not what they offer.

These apps do offer great SyncML compatibility. If your server or service is actually conforming to the SyncML standard and not only claims to be, these apps will sync just fine

Please note however - today, SyncML is a legacy standard, and it has been largely replaced by more recent technologies (in particular CalDAV/CardDAV).

In all cases - for setting up SyncML you need a SyncML server URL, a login (user/password) and the so called server paths for each type of data to synchronize. Don't ask me for these - the only people who can really tell are those that provide the SyncML service or server software!

Tasks+Cal+Sync 4

Tasks+Cal+Sync 4 Icon

SyncML PRO 4

SyncML PRO 4 Icon


SyncML LITE 4 Icon

New on AppStore for iOS 11:
Tasks+Cal+Sync 4

With continuous month calendar view, location aware tasks and tags, contacts list with ability to quickly edit contact's group memberships.

Ready for iOS 11:
SyncML PRO 4

With built-in calendar views (including day, week, list and continuous month calendar), contacts list with ability to quickly edit contact's group memberships.

Ready for iOS 11:

Now with contacts list and ability to quickly edit contact's group memberships.

Synchronizes iOS built-in Contacts

Synchronizes iOS built-in Contacts

Synchronizes iOS built-in Contacts

Synchronizes the app's built-in calendar (which is separate from standard iOS calendar)

Synchronizes the iOS built-in calendar


Synchronizes tasks from built-in advanced tasks manager (separate from iOS reminders!), including subtasks and tags if server supports it.


Requires iOS 10 or newer

Requires iPhoneOS 10 or newer

Runs on iPhoneOS 10 and newer

Built-in tasks and calendar (separate from iOS calendar) with 6 views: tasks, month, week, day, list plus contacts list. SyncML client and server built-in.

SyncML sync app - calendar and contacts can be managed as before with the iOS calendar and contacts apps; but the App also provides a built-in alternative access to the iOS calendar and contacts which makes autosync possible (whenever app is opened or closed)

SyncML sync app - contacts can be managed with the built-in contacts list (which provides way to quickly add/remove contacts from groups) or the iOS contacts app.

Restrictions: separate calendar and tasks, does not share data with iOS built-in calendar or reminders.

Restrictions: cannot sync attendees, limited range of synchronizable calendar entries of 20 years past to 5 years future.

Restrictions: only contacts

paid app

paid app

FREE app

Privacy statement for the SyncML apps for iOS

The SyncML apps do not transfer any data by default, but only when the user actively configures it as follows:

  • When SyncML synchronisation is configured by the user with a remote server, the apps will exchange only user-selected personal data (contacts, calendar data, tasks) with that server using the SyncML protocol (which is the only purpose of these apps).
  • For diagnosis, the user can choose to log the next SyncML synchronisation session. This log is stored locally on the iOS device, but the user can choose to send the log to In this case, the contents of the session log, which also contains some user data, will be securely sent to's server in Switzerland. keeps the logs confidential and only uses them to diagnose technical problems with the synchronisation.