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To keep the SyncML apps alive past iOS 10, I had to re-write large parts of these. Doing this does not make any sense commercially for me, as SyncML is a very tiny niche by now and sales cannot sustain the rewrite of these quite complex apps. So even if the new apps are not a free update, revenue will no way be able to cover the cost of doing that update. I did that as a service to you - my loyal customers over the past 8 years!

The main reason for not creating an update for the existing app is that this would make it impossible for users of older iOS devices to buy and install the app any more. Unfortunately Apple decided that only the newest version of an app can be installed new via the App store (but if that newest version is ready for iOS11, it cannot run on older devices). As SyncML is a legacy standard and these apps are especially likely to be used in legacy environments with older devices, locking out those older devices was not an option for me - which would have been the case with an update.

Important note: after you update your device to iOS11, you will not be able to access the old apps. So before updating to iOS11, please make sure you have your data synced (especially for Tasks+Cal+Sync where the data is not accessible via the iOS calendar) to a reliable server, and written down the SyncML settings needed to access your SyncML server account - such that after the update, you can sync back the data from the SyncML server to the new app.