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With iOS 10, Apple has introduced a subtle bug in the compatibility layer for apps that use the pre-iOS7 look and feel, which affects all the on-off switches througout the SyncML apps.

That's why I had to remove the old SyncML apps from sales - new customers on iOS 10 would not be able to use the app at all.

[Update: it seems Apple has unexpectedly fixed the problem in iOS 10.2. So the old apps work again for the time being. Please note however that it is likely Apple will phase out support for older apps in general in the near future, probably with iOS11].

For earlier iOS versions the old apps still work! If you had bought them, you can still download them from the "purchased" tab in AppStore!

To solve the problem for iOS 10, I had to develop new versions 4 of these apps - and because Apple does not allow updates with the pre-iOS7 look, I had to re-write large parts of these. Doing this does not make any sense commercially for me, as SyncML is a very tiny niche by now and sales cannot sustain the rewrite of these quite complex apps. So even if the new apps are not a free update, revenue will no way be able to cover the cost of doing that update. I did that as a service to you - my loyal customers over the past 8 years!