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Firmware info + supported devices list

Firmware information for P44-DSB-E2

Current version Release Notes
released 2022-11-11

Firmware 2.6.6

Firmware 2.6.6 for P44-DSB devices is a maintenance release for firmware release 2.6. It contains some general improvements and bug fixes.

General Recommendation for updates: before updating, please always use the "Download configuration backup" button to download a backup of your device's configuration.

Improvements since production version 2.6.5


  • evaluators: fixed problem with between_dates() which caused too many evaluations on the last day of the date range and possibly slowed down the device for that day.
  • p44script: fixed problem with event distribution when assigning signal() results to variables
  • Tunable Whites: Some tunable white lights still showed an icon indicating full RGB color light. Now the correct WW/CW-Icon is shown.


  • evaluators: improved logging to show which evaluator device is affected when there are unresolved value mappings.
  • matter: More internal preparation to provide matter bridge functionality for the P44-DSB with a future firmware update. A beta version is already available, see details here.

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