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Firmware info + supported devices list

Firmware information for P44-LC-DE

Current version Release Notes
released 2022-09-06

Firmware 1.6.5 for P44-LC devices is a maintenance release for firmware release 1.6. It contains some general improvements and bug fixes, as well as some additional p44script capabilities.

General Recommendation for updates: before updating, please always use the "Download configuration backup" button to download a backup of your device's configuration.

Improvements since production version 1.6.4


  • Text is now easier to select and copy in the web interface (in some browsers, text could only be selected via right-click before).
  • More precise output transition timing, multiple channels can now be in differently timed transitions at the same time for hardware devices which support that.
  • Evaluators: more intuitive behaviour when on/off conditions logically overlap (are both true at the same time), improved logging to make understanding evaluator condition evaluation easier.
  • Foundation laid for the P44-xx device to possibly act as a matter bridge in the future.


  • Assigning a very long name for the P44-xx device could cause dns-sd not being able to publish and thus device would not appear in Bonjour or Avahi network browsers. Now long names are automatically shortened to prevent this.
  • Certain broken DALI devices could cause the bus scanning taking forever with no result. This did not happen in normal operation with all DALI devices correctly operating. The bugfix however helps while diagnosing DALI bus errors.


  • Added bit(field) manipulation functions: bit(), setbit(), flipbit().
  • Added lowercase(), uppercase(), caseinsensitive option for find() and new replace() function for string manipulation.
  • Added cquote() function.
  • Added withmeta and formdata options to httprequest(). Also, httprequest() now treats all "success" class status codes (200..203) as ok, not just 200.
  • Added dnssdbrowse() function to search for named public services in the local network using dns-sd (aka Bonjour, aka zeroconf, aka avahi).
  • Added annotation() function to get the annotation string of a value (which for example often indicates the reason for a result being null/undefined).
  • Added globalbuiltins() and contextbuiltins() functions listing all built-in global or context-level functions/objects.
  • Boolean operators now return "real" boolean values, i.e. not just generic numeric 0 or 1, but actual bool type (which still converts to numeric 1 value for true, 0 for false). The main difference is that these "real" booleans, when assigned to JSON object fields, are actually represented as JSON booleans, not numbers.

Scripted devices/external device API

  • Buttons now can directly report clicks and longpress (useful when the button device already has it's own click detection, which might be more precise than transmitting direct button press/release events via an API that might add too much delay).

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