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Firmware information for P44-DSB-DEH

Current version Release Notes
released 2022-11-14

Firmware 2.6.6

Important note for P44-DSB-DEH: previously used faster, but less secure encryption methods are no longer available at the update server. This now forces using better but significantly slower encryption for checking and downloading updates on the now 8 year old P44-DSB-DEH hardware. So please be patient when updating - it takes longer but still works fine!

Firmware 2.6.6 for P44-DSB devices is a maintenance release for firmware release 2.6. It contains some general improvements and bug fixes.

General Recommendation for updates: before updating, please always use the "Download configuration backup" button to download a backup of your device's configuration.

Improvements since production version 2.6.4


  • DALI: fixed problem with scene calls not working with some Tunable White dimmers (also depended on the scene settings, thus happened only in rare cases)
  • DALI: Certain broken DALI devices could cause the bus scanning taking forever with no result. This did not happen in normal operation with all DALI devices correctly operating. The bugfix however helps while diagnosing DALI bus errors.
  • Tunable Whites: Some tunable white lights still showed an icon indicating full RGB color light. Now the correct WW/CW-Icon is shown.
  • Device Name: Assigning a very long name for the P44-xx device could cause dns-sd not being able to publish and thus device would no longer be found in the network by dSS and not appear in Bonjour or Avahi network browsers. Now long names are automatically shortened to prevent this.
  • evaluators: fixed problem with between_dates() which caused too many evaluations on the last day of the date range and possibly slowed down the device for that day.


  • DALI: improved logging for DALI groups and scenes.
  • Transitions: More precise output transition timing, multiple channels can now be in differently timed transitions at the same time for hardware devices which support that.
  • Evaluators: improved logging to show which evaluator device is affected when there are unresolved value mappings.
  • Evaluators: more intuitive behaviour when on/off conditions logically overlap (are both true at the same time), improved logging to make understanding evaluator condition evaluation easier.

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