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Products for Digital Strom and Standalone Automation Solutions

Product Overview

Type Application Model
Digital Strom
SmartLED channels
Integration of DALI, EnOcean, hue, in Digital Strom Smart Home / Office installations. P44-DSB-DEH2 beta yes yes yes yes

P44-DSB-D beta yes yes

P44-DSB-E2 beta yes
yes yes

Stand-alone controller for DALI-based comfort lighting with EnOcean controls for home and office, but also showcase installations with programmed scenes and effects (thanks to advanced scripting). P44-LC-DE beta
as upgrade
yes yes yes

Special applications,
customised, on request
Effect lighting based on individually addressable RGB and RGBW Smart LEDs, complex animated effects up to text ticker, image display thanks to advanced scripting. P44-LC-E+L
as option

yes yes 2 PWM

yes 4 PWM
Stand-alone controller or Digital Strom interface for controlling up to 3 DC motors (12-48V, max 4A), 1-4 Smart LED chains, up to 8 digital I/O, 2 analog inputs, sound effects, RS-485 peripherals P44-AC-DCM
yes 4 DC motors, RS485, Sound, I/O, PWM
Stand-alone controller or Digital Strom interface for controlling up to 6 DC motors (12-48V, max 4A), RS485 interface e.g. for weather station. P44-MC-E+DC
yes yes
DC motors, RS485
Free SD card image for Raspberry Pi, for own experiments, in particular with WS281x addressable LEDs. Also can work as hue-only gateway. No official support, not eligible for every update. P44-DSB-X beta yes

yes 1 DMX, GPIO, I2C, SPI