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Firmware info + supported devices list

Firmware information for P44-DSB-DEH

Current version Release Notes
released 2019-01-10

General Recommendation for updates: before updating, please always use the "Download configuration backup" button to download a backup of your device's configuration.

Important Note: This 2.0 version of P44-DSB is not compatible with dSS versions before 1.14. So please make sure your dSS version is 1.14 or newer before upgrading.

Changes since

  • EnOcean: Multisensor Window Handle (D2-06-xx): Buttons now also work in "dimming" (press-and-hold) mode.
  • DALI: in some cases, dimming multiple lights w/o optimizer enabled could cause dimming to get stuck (not ending).
  • EnOcean: Wheater station: fixed false sensor timeouts that could happen when multiple measurements did not change for some time.

New Features in Version 2.0:

  • DALI: Scene+Dimming Optimizer can now automatically use native DALI scenes and groups for synchronously changing and dimming for many lights simultaneously. The optimizer can be enabled in the DALI-vDC info dialog.
  • DALI: vDC info box now has a "DALI hardware summary..." button, which creates a tabular summary of the hardware found on the DALI bus (suitable for printing or copy&paste into a spreadsheet). This helps to document and diagnose larger installations.
  • hue: Scene+Dimming Optimizer can now can now automatically use native hue scenes and groups. For hue, the main benefit is that scene/group calls are more reliably forwarded to many lights (due to bugs in the hue bridge, changing many lights directly does not always work reliably). The optimizer can be enabled in the hue-vdc info dialog.
  • Web UI: new colored column for operational state (radio strength, errors, reachability etc.) at a glance. Number of devices for each vDC is visible in the icon column.
  • Web UI: device list can be sorted by clicking on column header.
  • Web UI: not responding devices are now shown greyed out in device list (like in dSS)
  • EnOcean: new profiles supported:
    • D2-01-xx: electronic switches and dimmers (actors)
    • D2-32-xx: AC current clamps (Pressac CTV3 series)
    • F6-01-01: single button
    • F6-05-00: wind speed threshold detector
  • Evaluators: now support functions (abs, round, if, ifvalid, testlater) and can access sensor's age, validity and operation state.
  • Evaluators: now run a initial evaluation after start and when expressions are modified. The initial function can test for this to provide default values.
  • Evaluators: sensor evaluators can now also be used to calculate a virtual sensor value (e.g. a total wattage from 3 current sensors etc.).
  • Evaluators: internal action evaluators can trigger an external action via http(s) GET/POST/PUT.


  • DALI: scanning bus for devices is more robust and reliable. Bus problems/scan failures are now clearly visible as errors in the device list status column.
  • DALI: better support for DALI 2.0 device information scanning.
    Note: extended DALI2 scanning is not automatically enabled in existing setups, because due to widespread incompatibilities with the standard some devices might change dSUID when scanned in DALI 2 mode. Use "force scan of all devices" to enable DALI 2.0 device scanning.
  • DALI: device info dialog now shows link to DALI database for standard-compliant devices having a electronic GTIN.
  • EnOcean: upside down option for A5-14-09/0A window handle profiles.
  • EnOcean: weather station profile A5-13-0x now reports short wind spikes as separate gust sensor.
  • Sensor handling: sensors value processing is now adapted to the sensor type to ensure timely updates while still avoiding too many sensor events overloading the dSS.
  • Connection to dSS: made more resilient in case of occasional network problems.
  • and numerous other detail improvements.


  • EnOcean: Fixed F6-05-01 water sensor, did not take back the detector signal when the water detection state went back to normal.
  • EnOcean: Fixed temperature sensor reporting in D2-06-01 profile (Multifunction Window Handle)
  • EnOcean: Fixed prophylaxis runs for A5-20-04 profile
  • and many other smaller bugfixes.

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