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Firmware info + supported devices list

Firmware information for P44-DSB-DEH

Current version Release Notes
released 2018-06-28

Note: Please update your dSS to version 1.14 or newer (or keep it on 1.13.6 or earlier) before installing this update! dSS 1.13.7 and 1.13.8 have issues that can make some devices appear as offline (gray).

Improvements in version

  • Network: improved re-establishing connection with dSS after temporary network problems.
  • DALI: improved bus scan, especially for cases when a bus connects many used DALI devices causing short address conflicts.

New Features in version 1.9:

  • DALI: support for CWWW (ColdWhite/WarmWhite = tunable white) lights, both DT8 and manually configured from two channels.
  • DALI: support for RGBWA (A=extra amber channel).
  • EnOcean: All temperature sensors now can be configured to be indoor or outdoor sensors. 
  • EnOcean: support for A5-20-04 HVAC profile (Hora Smartdrive MX / Eltako TF-FKS)
  • EnOcean: support for SODA multisensor window handle D2-06-01
  • EnOcean: support for Heat Tube Extreme Line device
  • hue: support for "hue ambiance white" lights as "tunable whites"
  • Web-UI: device list now has a status column with useful at-a-glance information, like status of evaluators, sensors, inputs, default output channel etc.


  • DALI: improved handling of not standard compliant dimmers having no proper serial number.
  • Sensors: default setting for minimal push interval is now 30 seconds to avoid dS system overload with volatile sensor inputs
  • Web-UI: updated (self-signed) https certificate that was expired
  • Firmware Updates: secured by RSA signature with 4096 bit key.

Under the hood:

  • a lot of internal improvements and adapations to dSS 1.14 (in particular, vDC API v3). The P44-DSB products are based on the p44vdc framework, which has also become a core component of many new interesting smart device integrations you see in dSS 1.14.

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