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Firmware info + supported devices list

Firmware information for P44-DSB-DEH

Current version Release Notes
released 2017-05-19

New Features in version 1.8:

  • EnOcean: Added EnOcean A5-14-xx multifunctions sensors (e.g. EiMSIG), support for Eltako FAH60 variant for A5-06-01 EnOcean profile, A5-30-03 profile for Afriso water sensor, support for supply voltage sensors for EnOcean profiles that have it.
  • DALI: Support for DALI DT6 (LED) and DT8 (color, tunable white) enabled dimmers.
  • Light: Default for "slow" light transition is now 1minute, as with standard dS Light terminal blocks.
  • Web-UI: Sensor display now shows (SI) units. Device and vDC info shows device firmware versions (e.g. for hue) where available.
  • Web-UI: now forces browsers to re-fetch Web-UI after restarts and updates, so no manual "reloads" should be needed any more.
  • Network: Removed some IGMPv2 activity that could help establishing connections in some networks, but turned out to cause problems with some TV streaming solutions in other networks. Proper solution is to connect dS-related devices via a unmanaged Ethernet switch, not via router's ethernet ports!
  • Hue: hue bridge connection now less dependent on discovery mechanisms that fail in some (broken) networks.
  • Huehue bridge is now identified by MAC address in the Web-UI, because that is the information also printed on the bridge hardware.
  • EnOcean: Weather station (A5-13-01/02/03) now has a profile variant that creates 3 additional separate devices for each of the 3 sun direction sensors. This allows using all sun sensors separately in the dSS.
  • EnOcean: A5-13-07 Wind sensor: max speed now reported as gust speed.
  • DALI dimming curve: adjusted to match more closely DT6 LED mode curve. Might cause saved scenes to appear slightly brighter.
  • Stable DALI addressing: DALI short address conflicts are no longer automatically resolved at startup. This is to avoid temporary DALI bus errors causing accidental changes to the numbering scheme. Please use the "force full rescan of all devices" option in the Web-UI in case you add used DALI devices that might cause address conflicts. Note that factory new devices are still detected automatically at startup. 
  • General: improved scanning of devices, better resilience after power cycles / outages.
  • Enocean profile A5-02-20 and A5-02-30 delivered wrong values.
  • Device LED did not work correctly in 1.7 when doing a factory reset using the device button (as described in the FAQ).
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